Mission Statement

In our recent millennia, the idea of the teddy bear was first conceived in honor of America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, who paid mercy to a bear in a 1902 hunt. Inspired by one of the world’s most recognizable references in soft goods and combining the glamorous art of haute couture, I am honored to introduce Couture Teddy Bears. Wielding authentic dressmaking techniques, heirloom beading, pattern making, couture embellishing and fabric manipulations, these custom teddy bears are uniquely designed, cut and sewn by hand. Using fabrics and ornaments from my past dressmaking, vintage finds and thrifting, Couture Teddy Bears aims to create sustainable luxury while remaining fabulous. I pay reverence to antique legacy sewing whilst staying mindful that each piece of art is inspired by local causes and charities close to my heart. These sculptures of couture art are not just a masterpiece from my personal atelier but are Couture Teddy Bears with a Purpose as a portion of proceeds earned are dedicated to local charities.